The historic Belvoir Springs, established in 1884, is a picturesque extended stay guesthouse, tucked away in the Fremont hills with an easy commute to the East Bay and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. A private driveway off Mission Boulevard leads to the 21-acre property with 11 fully furnished rooms and a spectacular bird’s-eye view of the East Bay. This secluded estate offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern comfort for traveling nurses, contract workers and other business travelers.

Garden Weddings

The gardens at Belvoir Springs offer a beautiful and intimate setting for a wedding, reunion or other special occasion. This hidden treasure features winding stone paths, vine-covered trellises and majestic sycamore trees.
The Craftsman-style living room and dining areas also are available for small corporate events, team-building retreats or a formal dinner.

Holiday Parties

Step back into the past for a festive holiday gathering. The beautifully preserved interior of this historic hotel, with its original woodwork, wainscoting and leaded glass cabinets, lends itself to a party full of Victorian charm. Your guests will delight in the unique character of Belvoir Springs, and you will be pleased by the central location and modern convenience.